Emily Melting is written and read by Gérard Rudolf, erstwhile poet and South African actor based in Cape Town but late of Newcastle.

The poem is from Gérard’s debut poetry collection, Orphaned Latitudes, of which Anthony Joseph is quoted as saying “the poems move with muscle in the air… mesmerising and masterful.” Gérard described the poem as being “as much about a lost country as it is about people losing each other in the half remembered haze of a boyhood memory.”

Emily Melting was premiered in competition at the ZEBRA Film Poetry Festival in Berlin in 2010, screening subsequently at festivals in Riga, London, Colorado, Victoria, Glasgow, Edinburgh and others.

Alastair notes “This film seems to have become a cult favourite. It has been repeatedly request-screened and we have reports of it being used for teaching, mentoring and to illustrate the very essence of what a poetry-film can be.”