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Filmpoem is an artists’ moving image project founded by artist Alastair Cook in 2010. Working in association with The Poetry Society, Filmpoem is an international touring film festival, committed to delivering education and community projects as well as producing and promoting the work of poets and filmmakers.


Filmpoem Festival Fifteen

Filmpoem Festival Fifteen is an open-ended series of events and screenings. After our successful Antwerp festival in 2014, we are working with The Poetry Society and a series of universities and poetry festivals, presenting Filmpoem’s established mix of poetry-film, live film performance, poets, filmmakers, and discussions. We will be at Hidden Door in Edinburgh this […] read more
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ZEBRA Interview Filmpoem’s Alastair Cook

The Literaturwerkstatt Berlin and CHASED, an online magazine from Berlin, interviewed Filmpoem founder Alastair Cook for an article on the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival. How can poetry and film unite? AC: The very first films had text in them, often poetic texts. They have always united, there has always been a marriage between poetry and film, though […] read more
Filmpoem 46/ Anither Season

Filmpoem 46/ Anither Season

This film contains two instances of strong profanity – although this is contextual to the poem, please use your judgement before watching if you are likely to be offended by swearing. Written and read by boxer and poet Ross Wilson, this is a heartfelt dedication to Alex ‘Spangles’ Hunter. Filmed and recorded in the Greenock […] read more
All images and films copyright Alastair Cook 2015 unless expressly indicated otherwise.