“To my mind, this is an open church: the success of a piece of film is when it becomes the true embodiment of the poet’s sentiment embellished in some way by our filmmaker. It is an interesting area, though: there is much discussion of intellectual intention and aesthetic vision. A philosophical approach to craftsmanship is not new to any of the arts.” (Alastair Cook)

Mothlight is a film of Janette Ayachi’s poem, which she wrote after watching James Stanley Brakhage’s film Mothlight, a film shot on Single8 and edited in 1963, a “found foliage” film composed of insects, leaves, and other detritus sandwiched between two strips of perforated tape.

Janette Ayachi has a MSc in Creative Writing and her poetry has been widely published, her last publication in New Writing Scotland 29. Janette’s new poetry is beguiling, mercurial, her words are set out before her: dark, open, beautiful.

Mothlight was filmed on Single8 in 1961 and edited by Alastair Cook in 2011.