Liz Berry’s ‘The Black Delph Bride’ took her back to Dudley in the Black Country, after the discovery of an original Victorian canal map, with its dark and sinister-sounding placenames. ‘Enchanted by the feeling of ghostliness that lingers across the network’, Berry was ‘inspired by canal songs and murder ballads where a beloved girl all too often meets a sorrowful end in water.’

The Black Delph Bride is a poem by Liz Berry; this film is a Filmpoem production for the Poetry Society in partnership with the Canal & River Trust as part of the Canal Laureate 2013 project. The Black Delph Bride premiered in the Clore Ballroom at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank on 3rd October 2013, National Poetry Day.  It has also been screened in 2014 at the Cork Poetry Festival and StAnza, the Scottish Poetry Festival.