Filmpoem Festival 2017

Filmpoem has been invited to partner Depot in Lewes, East Sussex, to present our established mix of poetry-film, live film performance, poets, filmmakers, and discussions and workshops. Filmpoem Festival 2017 will be held on Saturday October 28 2017, is fully supported by Depot and is working in partnership with The Poetry Society.

“The combination of film and poetry is an attractive one. For the poet, perhaps a hope that the filmmaker will bring something to the poem: a new audience, a visual attraction, the laying of way markers; for the filmmaker, a fixed parameter to respond to, the power of a text sparking the imagination with visual connections and metaphor.”

Filmpoem is an artists’ moving image project committed to delivering education and community projects as well as promoting the work of poets and filmmakers. We regularly collaborate with organisations such as the Poetry Society, Poetry International and Southbank. This wonderful hybrid art-form has become a great new force in the worlds of film and poetry, provoking a range of terminologies: filmpoem, videopoem, cinepoem and poetry-film each reflecting different origins and schools of thought.

Hope to see you there!

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