My Heart Always Goes Back to the North is a three poem cycle of work by Hugh MacDiarmid – Perfect, In the Hedgeback and My Heart Always Goes Back to the North. Each is interlinked, overlaid and yet distinct. Directed and edited by Alastair Cook, with cinematography from James W Norton, Filmpoem commissioned celebrated musician Yvonne Lyon and award-winning Gaelic singer Fiona Mackenzie to provide the mesmerising and mercurial sound work.

The Filmpoem “My Heart Always Goes Back to the North” was commissioned by Camille Manfredi of the University of Brest for the “Hugh MacDiarmid: Visions & Revisions” International Conference, celebrating the Scottish poet (1892–1978) and held in Brest from 15-16 June 2023.

“On the centenary of the publication of Annals of the Five Senses, this international Hugh MacDiarmid conference examines MacDiarmid’s/Grieve’s achievements, commitments, and the mark he has left on the literary and political landscapes of Scotland and Europe.”

“Hugh MacDiarmid: Visions & Revisions” was organised by Camille Manfredi (HCTI, University of Brest), Philippe Laplace (University of Franche-Comté), Lindsay Blair (University of the Highlands and Islands), Alan Riach (University of Glasgow) and Monika Szuba (University of Gdańsk)