Hidden Door Edinburgh

Filmpoem is dedicated to the filming of words and is a collaborative venture committed to attracting new audiences to new writing. Filmpoem at Hidden Door is a match made in filmic festival heaven – at 3pm Saturday April 5th, we will be bringing poets, films and performance to these great Edinburgh arches, running three forty-minute screenings:

3pm: Filmpoem with Alastair Cook– Curation from our archive mixed with sneak peaks at new work for Filmpoem in Antwerp on June 14th this year, in partnership with Felix Poetry Festival.

4pm: Filmpoem Live with Luca Nasciuti. Luca explores and performs filmic soundscapes with poetry film, with live readings.

5pm: Filmpoem Poetry Society, an exclusive curation in partnership with The Poetry Society, introduced by Alastair Cook.

From 6pm-midnight there will be looped screenings of our very favourite films.