Filmpoem Antwerp Press Release

Filmpoem Festival 2014 will be held in partnership with Felix Poetry Festival in Antwerp and will be held on 14th June 2014 in conjunction with Felix Poetry Festival at FelixPakhuis in Antwerp.  The Felix Poetry Festival is from 11th June-14th June; Filmpoem Festival 2014 is fully supported by Antwerpen Boekenstad. Filmpoem Festival will have elements throughout the Felix Poetry Festival, culminating in a day of screenings, performance and discussion on 14th June

On Friday 13th June  Alastair Cook and Kal Khogali will be making wet plate collodion portraits of poets and filmmakers alike for an exhibition later in the year; please register using the submissions email,, to receive further details.

The genre of poetry-film has become a great new force in the worlds of film and poetry and other terms for this wonderful hybrid artform include videopoem, cinepoem and poetry-film, each reflecting slightly different origins and schools of thought.

The call out is now live.