Field Notes at Alchemy with Q&A

Alastair will be a guest of Alchemy Film and Moving Image this month, doing a question and answer session with at a screening his film Field Notes. Notes from Alchemy:

Synopsis: “Changes started on a day with a lamb’s coat sky. I walked the riverbank in the scent of ramsons, catkins on the birches. Water poured past in near silence, gravity pulling it to the Tay, and the sea’s endless reservoir.” Field Notes is a filmpoem by Alastair Cook of a commissioned narrative by East Lothian Makar and publisher Colin Will with sound by Italian composer Luca Nasciuti. Field Notes draws together landscape and the four elements within the context of one life.

Biography: Alastair is a lens-based artist working in fine art photography, portraiture and film. His award winning film and photographic work is driven by his knowledge, skill and experience as a conservation architect: my work is rooted in place and the intrinsic connections between people, land and the sea. Alastair trained at the Glasgow School of Art then fled the country, returning after a dutiful spell in London and a more relaxed time in Amsterdam; he now lives and works in Edinburgh. “A thoughtful and smart exhibition, the photographs in Analogue Decay are beguiling and breathtaking.” Colin Herd, Aesthetica Magazine, April 2011. “Alastair Cook’s films are beautiful.” Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, August 2011.

Artist’s website: